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Virgin Media to raise their prices by 4.5% !!!

Well, just after the UKTV and Virgin Media Saga in which VM TV Customers lost 10 channels and then got them back, the news today is that Virgin Media is to raise their prices by a whopping 4.5% either in October or November this year. This means prices of up to £48 for TV, Broadband and phone customers and up to £36 for Broadband customers only.]]>

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UKTV Channels Set to RETURN to Virgin Media TV Platform

BREAKING: Virgin Media announced a short time ago that ALL of the UKTV Channels that were pulled from the Digital TV Service, are set to return over the coming days and that the channels that “sort of” replaced them are staying where they are too.]]>

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Virgin Media TV Customers left reeling at loss of UKTV Channels

Virgin Media TV Customers flock to our cable forum to vent their frustration that from Sunday 22nd July, all UKTV channels and programming will be replaced on Virgin TV. This is because of negotiations falling through. Virgin Media’s 4 million pay-TV customers are now left reeling at the loss of popular comedy channels:- Dave (Taskmaster, Red Dwarf) and Gold (Vicar of Dibley, Only Fools and Horses) as well as the nature channel Eden (Planet Earth). Other well established shows, Top Gear and Call the Midwife. ]]>

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Ofcom rules Virgin Media must increase compensation for poor service

Virgin Media and other Telecom companies that offer Broadband and landline services, their customers are to get money back from their providers when things go wrong, without having to claim it. Following Ofcom’s intervention, BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Zen Internet – who together serve around 90% of landline and broadband customers in the UK – have agreed to introduce automatic compensation.]]>

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Virgin Media to raise their prices again

Hot off the tail of a recent BBC Watchdog Investigation, in to Slow Broadband speeds, Virgin Media is to raise their prices again, raising customer concerns regarding value for money. New customers will be hit with the new pricing structure straight away, existing customers will see prices rise from 1st November 2017.]]>

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Virgin Media to feature on BBC Watchdog Tonight

Virgin Media is to feature on BBC Watchdog tonight. The long running, consumer complaints TV series has investigated Virgin Media’s Broadband Speeds and it’s findings conclude that in some cases, too many customers were receiving just 3% of the advertised speeds. ]]>

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Virgin Media Urge Broadband Customers with Super Hub 2 to Change Default Password

Virgin Media said the risk to customers with a Super Hub 2 router was “small”, but have advised around 800,000 customers to change both their network and router passwords if they were still set as the default shown on the attached sticker on the underneath part of the device.]]>

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Remember ntl? Bad Service Rears It's Ugly Head at Virgin Media

Remember the days of ntl? Or nthell as it was known as. It has been just over 11 years when ntl:Telewest re-branded to Virgin Media. ntl’s reputation was so bad, that no matter what new incentives the company tried to adopt, to improve it’s image, they failed, it just could not shake off it’s tarnished image.]]>

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Virgin Media wins High Court patent battle

A High Court judge has thrown out patent proceedings brought against Virgin Media over some of the features of its TiVo set top box.]]>

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Virgin Media in no hurry to adopt 4K "Ultra-HD"

Virgin Media is in no hurry to make ultra-high-definition TV available on its network, according to owner Liberty Global.]]>

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